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Comparative Market Analysis 87108

Any home seller worth their salt will recognize the need for comparative market analysis in 87108 to make sure their home's listing is correct. A listing is much more than just some pictures and an arbitrary number! I’m Susan Beard, and when you work with me, I’ll give you the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date report that can exist for the spot-on pricing of your home. Here’s what makes up a comparative market analysis!

First, I’ll walk through your home and make a customized profile with the data I collect. Enjoy surface-level things like bedrooms and square footage, but also relevant information like the date of the last remodel and whether you have unique aspects not found in other houses. This custom house profile is the first part of a multi-step analysis process that takes several factors into account.

The next step is to compile the successful and unsuccessful listings from the recent market and use them to create a virtual snapshot that will represent a market to sell. The other listings will help to develop a range of prices wherein a home like yours could successfully sell. Using the example of several similar listings, we can pinpoint a narrow area wherein your home’s listing price will lie!

My free, comparative market analysis in 87108 will give you all the information you need to price your home correctly, but if you want it to sell quickly and efficiently, you'll need more than just data. I can help push your home through the market and get you the money you want quickly and smoothly! Book your complimentary consultation.

  • I want a comparative market analysis in 87108.

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