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Free Market Analysis Nob Hill

If you want to claim your free market analysis in Nob Hill today, you’ve come to the right place! My name is Susan Beard, and when it comes to getting the price on your home's listing correct, nobody is my equal! I can make sure that your home sells quickly by verifying its right listing price. Here’s how I do it!

First, I’ll gather relevant data and information about your home by staging a walkthrough of it personally. I’ll take down surface information like square footage and the number of bedrooms, but also note anything unique or outstanding about it. I'll create a personalized, custom house profile that represents all of its statistics and information.

Next, I’ll compile a list of other homes whose listings were similar to yours that were out on the market in the recent past. Successfully-sold listings will help to build a range in which your home's price may fall, and unsuccessful sales will reinforce the bounds thereof. It’s within this range of successful prices that your home is most likely to find a buyer.

Next on your free market analysis in Nob Hill is to add and subtract based on your home's unique aspects. I can take all of this information and generate a report that will give you the best information on your listing price! Don’t hesitate and try to guess what you should write. Don't delay in getting your report today!

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