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Anyone who wants their home to sell quickly will want to employ a seller’s agent in Ridgecrest. The benefits of having someone whose job it is to make sure your home sells are enormous and far outweigh any possible gain you might derive from trying to sell your home by yourself. You will have less stress, less headache, and more money at the end of the transaction! I’m Susan Beard, and here’s what I can do for you.

First, I can make your home’s listing into an astoundingly attractive to any prospective buyers. The first and most important thing that anyone sees of your listing is the price, and I can make sure that you have an accurate and useful number to put next to the photos. An incorrect price is the death sentence of a listing, so let’s avoid letting it languish and fall into obscurity. I'll price your home satisfactorily!

I’ll also create a customized marketing plan for your home. It would not be an efficient use of time and money to show your home to people who are not in the market for it, so you can trust that there will only be efficient work done to get your listing in front of as many interested eyes as possible. You’ll have offers rolling in before you can blink!

That's why you need a seller's agent in Ridgecrest—the selling of a home consists of a thousand different steps, and I'm proficient in all of them. You're working with someone who has loads of experience and practice doing the steps that get homes as yours sold quickly and efficiently. Why would you want to risk losing time and money otherwise?

As your seller’s agent in Ridgecrest, it’s my job to make sure that your home sells quickly and at the best value. I'm confident that your home will be listed well, represented well, and sold well! You won’t have to wait for ages for someone to stumble across your listing only to lowball you with their offer. Your complimentary consultation is around the corner; give me a call!

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