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Whats My Home Worth UNM

What’s my home worth near UNM?” is a question I often hear from clients. The districts near the university tend to be highly-sought-after because of their proximity to the campus. You'll enjoy a rise in the property value of all the homes that are nearby! I’m Laura Beard, and I want to tell you exactly how much your home is worth.

I’ll perform a complimentary service called a comparative market analysis. This extensive data correlation project generates a detailed report about the range of prices to sell. This process starts with a walkthrough of the property to notate all relevant data, including the publicly-known stuff like bedrooms and square footage and anything unique like a wine bar or breakfast nook.

Then, I’ll compile a list of recent listing similar to yours that were either successful or did not sell. It's the basis for creating a range of prices in which your unique home will lie. You’ll have this range as your place to start for choosing the specific listing price for your initial listing, using some data analysis and market trends.

The question, "what's my home worth near UNM," is pretty standard, and that's why there are so many "services" that want to get you to pay money to find out. The problem with all of the online services is that they are wildly inaccurate since all they do is look at publicly available surface data. When you work with me, you'll be getting a free and thorough service.

When you ask, "What's my home worth by UNM," the answer may surprise you! I can get your home sold for the best price to walk away with a satisfying amount of cash in your pockets. You don't need to worry about your listing failing and sitting in the dark forever when you work with me! Call my offices today to schedule a free consultation, and we'll get you on the road.

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